Dairy ... an Eczema Trigger!

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Having been told recently that dairy products are one of the main triggers for Eczema I have decided to try to remove them from my diet. Not easy for somebody who loves strong white coffee, butter on potatoes and cream cakes. I will give it a go and keep you updated as to how things progress, if at all.

As I write this I have the palms of both hands bandaged to keep the moisturiser in and any chance of infection out. As can be seen in the image my hands are covered in small fissures which are really very painful.

I have been driving quite a bit recently and I find that the pressure on the steering wheel and the gearchange tends to aggrevate my Eczema. Has anyone else noticed that pressure on the palms seems to cause a flare?

I also have travelled by aircraft a couple of times, something that always dries my hands due to the air conditioning. All round not a good time for my Hand Eczema which has reacted badly.

Unfortunately I have had no choice but to use topical and oral steroids (Clobetasol and Prednisilone) in an attempt to regain control. My usual regime of cotton gloves over Hydromol Ointment each night has remained unchanged.

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