Eczema Improvement

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Well the long hot summer seems to have left us here in Wales, my hand eczema has been well behaved during this period thank heavens.

As you can see from the images there is a huge improvement over that of my last post, no cracking or splits just patches of flaky skin on my palms and index fingers. I can live with this I guess although the constant application of moisturiser is tedious.

It seems to be that I have at last found a regime that works for me. After years of accepting medical advice and using topical and oral steroids it would appear that the "chemical" approach was not the right course of action. Virtual vegetarianism, I cannot resist eating chicken curry occasionally, and a strict moisturising regime seems to have improved my condition massively.

The move to Wales where the water is soft has I feel also had a significant effect on my hand eczema too. I used to live in a very hard water area. I guess all those with hand eczema moving to an area of soft water is not really an option.

If you are suffering with this condition then give my moisturing regime a try, I won't repeat it here again just look at a previous post. Who knows it may just work for you too, give it a try and if you get positive results post them on my Facebook page.

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