Hand Eczema is really painful

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Firstly I must apologise for not posting for a while. Having just purchased an old Victorian house that needs a top to bottom renovation has taken up a lot of my time. My webserver was playing up too and I could not access my control panel to add any content. OK excuse time is over.

As I say the full refurbishment of a house has started apace which has given my hands the workout of a lifetime. The result can be seen in the images, deep splits and cuts which bleed at times and are extremely sore. Despite my usual moisturising regime the pressures of building work have setback my optimistic outlook for the general improvement to my Hand Eczema.

My dermo recommended that I stick splits together with superglue but on this occasion the position of the splits in the centre of my palms makes this a somewhat futile gesture, the splits just open up alongside the glued area.

In an ideal situation I would simply stop carrying out any manual work for a while until my hands had a chance to heal, this is not an option unfortunately so press on I must. Quite how difficult the condition is for sufferers who carry out this sort of work for a living has now been presented to me in the most direct way. Hand Eczema is not just an itch here and a small cut there, it is a very debillitating condition that I am certain has ended careers and ambitions.

So it is a thick coating of Hydromol under cotton gloves with a pair of rigger gloves over the top of those until the job is done, which could take some time after the horrors that have been revealed in parts of the house. That as they say is another story and will not be told here.

To all my fellow sufferers I wish you well as we move into the colder wetter weather. Keep up with your moisturising and I hope your hands are not too problematic during the coming winter months.

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