Hand Eczema Under Control

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Despite the house move and all that goes with that, both physically and mentally, my hands are in pretty good shape.

Moving house when you don't suffer with hand eczema is stressful enough, but when you are so afflicted just lifting a box can be a painful experience which necessitates the wearing of gloves at all times.

The cardboard boxes seemed to play havoc with my hands causing them to dry out and require constant moisturising. Quite what the removal guys thought when they saw me flapping around in white cotton gloves whilst they lifted the heavy stuff I can only imagine. And that is the point, suffering with Hand Eczema is not just a physical thing it affects you psychologically as well.

I now drive wearing black cotton gloves as mentioned previously, my daily regime of putting copious amounts of Childs Farm Moisturiser under these and the white cotton gloves has not changed, although the popularity of this cream has made it very difficult to purchase, even the manufacturer currently has no stock according to their website.

Having moved from a hard water area to that of soft water it seems to be a factor in the continuing improvement I am experiencing. Only time will tell if this is the case.

As you can see from the images my hands are in a fairly reasonable condition compared to how they were when I first started to write this blog. I seem to have developed my own steroid free (important) treatment for my own particular case, this may not work for all, but give it a try you might be lucky and find it also works for you.

I would like to contact anyone who is taking part in the ALPHA Trial being run by the University of Leeds. I wrote about this in a previous post here.

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