Major Flare Up

/ Eczema, Hands, Hydromol

My hands are in a really bad way at the moment. Using Hydromol Ointment and cotton gloves all the time I am not out in public. Skin coming off my hands in patches despite the use of a huge amounts of moisturiser. Not good.

I am trying to work through this major flare up without resorting to the use of topical or oral steroids so wish me luck. A recent comment on another blog ( suggested that Dairy and Eggs are a big trigger for some Eczema sufferers, has anyone else found this to be true for them?

I was the ripe old age of 56 before my Hand Eczema developed, quite a sudden onset for no apparent reason. I changed nothing in my diet or routines and my lifestyle quite literally changed within weeks. Now it has become a huge part of my day to day living. Leaving the house is now: car keys, wallet, sun glasses and pot of moisturiser!

Flying is pretty awful. The air conditioning on the plane really dries my hands out and it is quite a novelty to some other passengers when I am regularly dipping into the small pot of cream that is all I am allowed to take on board. Ideally wearing cotton gloves for the duration of the flight would help, but looking like a mime artist at 36,000 feet is not my thing.

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