Merry Christmas

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As we approach the festive season my hand eczema has decided to join in the celebrations by splitting and shedding the top layer of skin on my palms and fingers. Nice timing!!

I am currently spending all my time when not in public with my hands covered in Hydromol ointment and wearing white cotton gloves. This really has become my go to solution when I have a major flare up now, all other creams simply do nothing when my hands are really bad.

My attempt at a dairy free diet has not been so bad at all. I have stopped eating cheese, drink my coffee black or with dairy free creamer and that really covers most of my usual dairy intake. I cannot say that it has had any noticeable effect on my condition but every little helps I guess.

During more "normal" times I have started to use a product intended for children manufactured by Childs Farm. It is not intended as an eczema product more as a moisturiser for children. There have been claims in the national press about these creams and moisturisers with claims that they have "cured" eczema. As most of us who suffer from hand eczema surely know, there is currently no known cure for the condition, it is more a case of good management. I have no doubt that the use of these products may in some cases alleviate the symptoms for some individuals depending upon there severity in the first place.

My own personal experience of these products is limited to one particular cream and it does help moisturise my hands very well, being absorbed so well it's almost as though it has evaporated. I hope to carry out a very non-scientific test in the new year using Childs Farm on one hand and an as yet undecided cream on the other. As I say not very scientific but it will be interesting to see the results.

Those aforementioned undecided creams are available to order online from Helloskin, image link at the bottom of the page, at discounted prices, free delivery in some cases and as of writing a further discount offer on your first order. OK affiliate plug now over :)

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