Moving House

/ Eczema, Hands, Cream

It's been a while since my last update because I have been moving house. In fact moving countries as I am now located in Wales.

My hands are in a poor state mainly because of all the lifting, packing and taping up a huge amount of cardboard boxes. I know that cardboard aggrevates my Eczema from previous experience, it tends to sap the moisture which leads to splits and cracking which is then made worse by the lifting.

I have finished unpacking now and have returned to my strict regime of plenty of moisturiser during the day and lots of Hydromol at night. I have taken to wearing cotton gloves any time I am not in public which I hope will help to get my hands back to some sort of normality.

The weather here in Wales has been very cold with a fair amount of snow, so wearing gloves in public is not such a problem at the moment thankfully.

How has the recent cold weather affected your condition? Do you add any extras to help combat the cold weather?

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