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As is normal during the festive season, my hand eczema flared up with a vengence. The cold weather did not help the condition and I spent a lot of time wearing cotton gloves.

I feel sure that my condition over Christmas was primarily made worse by my diet. Ordinarily I am quite strict as to what I eat but of course Christmas is a time of indulgence, with too much sweet rich foods and snacks consumed, so I only have myself to blame for the poor state of my hands.

My hands are split and bleeding on both palms with flaky skin adding to their generally great appearance. I am applying moisturiiser numerous times a day and my regular routine of Hydromol ointment under cotton gloves at night is being strictly maintained.

Having recently read of good reports about a product from "Childs Farm" as mentioned in my last post, I have been using the Tea Tree & Grapefruit moisturiser exclusively except at night. The results have been very positive. Whether this is a normal recovery phase for my hand eczema, as occurs after a flare up, or as a direct result of using this product remains to be seen. I will of course keep you updated on this blog.

Diet is a contributary factor in controlling my hand eczema and I have made the decision for 2018 to become a "flexitarian". Basically this means I am a vegetarian but will very occasionally eat meat if offered at say a family Christmas dinner. I gave up red meat several years ago, only eating poultry or fish, so the transition will hopefully not be difficult. With this change in diet I am hoping to control the amount of flare ups I experience.

I am absolutely adamant that I will not use oral or topical steroids, even when things are really bad such as over the Christmas period. Firstly because for me steroid creams and ointments do not work, they just thin my skin and I am prone to literally ripping the skin from my hand with the smallest of knocks. Bleeding under the skin, pruritus I think it is called, is also a side effect of these medications which is not a good look.

Secondly is the fact that continued use of steroids is not exactly a healthy option and I do not want to put chemicals into my body everytime things get bad. Long term management of my condition, rather than trying to find a quick fix, has to be my goal from now on.

So to conclude, I have changed my diet, stopped any use of steroidal products and added "Childs Farm Tea Tree & Grapefruit" moisturiser to my daily regime. Let us see what difference this can make in 2018.

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