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I have now added a Twitter page to the social media attached to this site, Twitter/My_Hand_Eczema please share as this gets the word out about my ongoing experiences and treatment which may well help others.

I am off on yet another flight tomorrow and am hoping that it will not have an adverse effect on my hands which are in a good condition at the moment. The course of oral steroids seems to have really worked well on this occasion and I have also reduced the amount of dairy products I consume.

The starting point of any flare up always seems to be at the point between my palm and wrist. As soon as I get the slightest itch in this area, on both hands, I know that my Eczema is about to flare.

My overnight routine of plenty of Hydromol Ointment and the wearing of cotton gloves continues without a break no matter what the current condition of my hands. Recently I have been carrying out some DIY and have been wearing cotton gloves and Hydromol Ointment under my work gloves. This has had a very good effect, not allowing the moisture to be lost from my hands. If only the gloves were not bright orange with rubber palms then it could be a good solution when I suffer a flare, not a good everyday look unfortunately.

In the last post I mentioned the psychological effects of having Hand Eczema. Stiefel have an excellent video in their Twitter feed relating to this here Nice to see that this side of the condition is being considered.

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