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After months of building work and no end of issues with the website I have finally found the time and also the ability to write an update to these pages.

As previously mentioned I have recently purchased a Victorian property and I am in the process of carrying out a complete refurbishment. Somewhat crazy for a Hand Eczema sufferer you may say and at times I would have to agree. My hands have gone through every conceivable stage of cracking, spliting, bleeding and everything in between depite constant moisturising under thick gloves. Old lime mortar and plaster is not the best thing to be working with, it dries skin on contact and works its way into everything. On a positive note most of the dirty dusty work is completed and it is time to break out the paint brushes, a job that I really love.

During this time I have been using Childs Farm Moisturiser with Sudocrem under my gloves with good results. Night time ritual has remained the same Hydromol Ointment under cotton gloves.

Painful Hand Eczema

Now that I am doing less and less messy work I am hoping that mt hands will have a good chance to recover.

Good luck all, until next time keep that moisturiser layered on.

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