The Psychological Effects

/ Eczema, Hands, Psychological

There are many studies as to the possible causes of Hand Eczema and many volumes exist regarding treatment and possible cures, but the psychological effects of having this condition is rarely documented by comparison.

I must confess that when my hands are bad I feel pretty awful, not just physically but mentally too. If we are to believe that Eczema is triggered by anxiety and stress then this can only make matters worse. How many fellow sufferers have avoided doing something in public or with friends because you just feel so bad about the general appearance of your hands?

There are some reports to be found online connecting states of anxiety and depression with Hand Eczema and they seem to be at odds with each other, some claiming no connection whilst others agree that there is a proven association between the physical and mental condition.

From personal experience I can confirm that the condition of my hands at any time will impact on my general state of mind and will adversly affect the way in which I live my day to day living.

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