Things are looking good

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I am not certain of the reason but my hands are now looking better than they have done for many many months. Could it be the Childs Farm Moisturiser that has caused this, or maybe my new predominantly vegetarian diet.

The Childs Farm Moisturiser has been really impressive in the way it acts upon the skin. It leaves very little residue, whether it evaporates or is simply totally absorbed by the skin I am not sure of. I do know that it has played a major part in the recovery of my Hand Eczema and I will continue to use it and report on its effectiveness here.

This month has seen my drive hundreds of miles and spend several hours travelling on airplanes My hands have a real aversion to taking flights, the air con dries them out so badly. During the driving I've been wearing cotton gloves having used the Childs Farm Moisturiser first and then applied regularly throughout the day. Same proceedure on the flights but without the gloves, too embarrasing.

A change of diet from eating just Chicken and fish to mainly veggie may have helped the situation too. To be honest I wish I had not changed my routines all at once as it has made the improvement impossible to attribute to one thing. I am just glad that after many years of trying different things some improvement to my Hand Eczema is at last evident.

If you have found something that has helped your condition then share it with others, we all need a little help with this condition.

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