Whats on your Christmas list

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What gifts would you like to receive at Christmas? For most of us that suffer with Eczema the usual favorites of perfumes and shower and bath products are a real no no.

Checking the content of products for SLS and parabens at the very least is an automatic response from me now and if it contains perfume I am equally cautious. To be honest I have a list of products that I use and will not deviate from these.

The products that I currently use are:

Hydromol Ointment, I get through bucket loads of the stuff applied every night, it really helps.

Childs Farm moisturiser, grapefruit & organic tea tree oil, during the day I apply it many times.

Other products are of course available, but these just happen to work for me.

My hands are in recovery at the moment after a pretty intense flare up. The above have helped to make it manageable for me without the use of oral or topical steroids, hopefully I can spend the festive period with family and friends without wearing cotton gloves. Who knows, they might be up to pulling the odd Christmas cracker!

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy and flare up free 2018.

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