Winter arrives

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So the first snow has arrived here in Wales and the central heating is on full blast, yes it is cold! Not good weather for sufferers of Hand Eczema.

The downside to the UK weather is centrally heated homes. This dries the air and consequently the skin. My hands are in a bad way, well the left one seems worse than the right for some reason? Despite applying copious amounts of moisturiser they are determined to split, flake and crack and no amount of treatment seems to be slowing that down. Apply moisuriser, 5 mins later they need it doing all over again.

Hand Eczema

The summer months were good Eczema wise, with very few flares and even they were mild. I think the move to Wales with its soft water contributed to that. Little seems to be mentioned about the quality and ph levels of water when considering causes/irritants to Hand Eczema.

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